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    Just wanted to give a cleaning tip to all white bold 9780 users... I didn't have a case on mine for the longest time because I was using the leather holster that came with it. I found that my greasy fingers left dirty prints all over the back. I kept trying to find/think of ways to clean it & I finally found the answer! Mr Clean Magic Erasers!! They work AMAZING! All I do is taken the battery case off, scrub it really good with a magic eraser, rinse it & it's good to go! It looks like a brand new phone again Hope this tip helps anyone who has had the same problem! Cheers.
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    04-11-11 11:23 AM
  2. lycafe's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip. I think I will just buy the same battery cover in black when my white battery cover needs to get replaced.

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    04-11-11 03:13 PM
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    Here's my BEST TIP, I never touch/hold my phone with a dirty hand.
    04-11-11 04:02 PM