1. jabby's Avatar
    Does anyone know where i can get this wallpaper i know its a default for rogers i think

    11-09-08 04:22 AM
  2. TheJam's Avatar

    It's included in the phone, that's the default wallpaper on unbranded bold.

    If you want good wallpapers : HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - BlackBerry Bold Wallpapers- Post theme here!! (As per the rules keep them all PG13)
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    11-09-08 04:44 AM
  3. Outrigger's Avatar
    Its also a default on att bolds.

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    11-09-08 02:46 PM
  4. JoJo78's Avatar
    Yup...I have that background in my unbranded Bold.
    11-09-08 03:08 PM
  5. jabby's Avatar
    i am not seeing it, do you mean in the preloaded themes, or in the preloaded wallpapers that come in the phone, when i put the "precision zen" all i see the AT&T background in blue, and when i look in preloaded wallpaper i dont see it , is there a way one of you can send it to me if i give you my PIN?
    11-09-08 08:10 PM
  6. jmwein's Avatar
    I want the same. The one I found online is very blurry.
    03-13-09 04:44 PM
  7. bt224's Avatar
    I have it on my AT&T Bold.
    03-13-09 04:46 PM
  8. tsells's Avatar
    03-13-09 05:07 PM