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    I have a Pearl 3G 9100. I have tried several cases.. and holsters, My issue with a holster is that when I am out and I get a BBM or text or someone calls I have to get it from my pocket.. then take it out of the holster then answer while holding my holster. Yes it protected it, but it was a PAIN. I purchased a skin by ROOTS called the TUFF SKIN. this is amazing.. 3mm thick rubber that looks like they took a tire tread and wrapped it around my pearl. It came with a screen protector and a snap in belt holster that has a magnet. Like a holster the snap on belt holder makes the pearl go into stand by mode. and can adjust to whatever position you like, the phone snaps out in a flash, If I dont want the belt holster I just toss the phone in my pocket.. the screen facing my leg. If I bump anything the 3mm thick tire tread on the back will keep it safe.. Love this case. also the skin make it slightly wider.. almost as wide as a curve 2g with out a skin.. What a great purchase. was $35.00
    08-30-10 01:59 PM
  2. _Brake_'s Avatar

    This one. Real leather, original from RIM, and with a magnet
    08-30-10 06:24 PM
  3. Pmungus's Avatar
    I hear you with the hassles of having to free your Berry from a pouch once you've gotten it out of your pocket - I'm using a leather pocket pouch as well. However, being that I've never been one to wear a phone on my belt (or other accessory...), it's one of those things I just put up with. I've tried silicone skins before, and while they do a good job, I find they "grip" the inside of my pockets too well and don't want to cmoe out in a hurry! I'm happy with my pouch otherwise - as long as it protects my handset, I'm all good.
    10-02-10 03:02 AM