1. Bacabachaui's Avatar
    About 6 weeks ago I ordered the Seidio 1500mAh OEM-Size Extended Battery for my curve 3g. It worked fine, but I needed to replace my device so I got a refurb through insurance.

    Now the replacement device wont recognize the Seidio extended battery. It just acts as if there is no battery when I put the Seidio battery in (even eventually comes up with the "no battery" symbol). The Seidio battery still works fine in the old device, and the OEM battery works fine in both the new and old devices. I verified it fits snugly, and have all the latest software updates.

    Has anyone heard of this before? Any ideas to get this to work?
    05-11-11 04:25 PM
  2. Bacabachaui's Avatar
    Figured it out. Although it is snug and touching the contact points, it is not quite enough. If I slide the battery down even tighter then it recognizes it. A side by side comparison of OEM and Seidio shows the Seidio is about 1-2 mm less in length. It worked fine in my other phone but for some reason not enough for the refurb.
    05-14-11 03:36 PM