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    I am the Communications Manager for an Oilfield Service company. We have over 1300 cell phones.

    I have one gentleman for example that is on his 4th Blackberry Bold. Twice he has gotten them wet. I did some research online and could have sworn that I saw a zipper case that the blackberry fits in and you can still press the buttons and all. I don't want the normal waterproof cases because it really isn't feasable for the guys in the field. I just need something that fits kinda like a glove and they can carry around that has a belt clip.

    I have looked at Otter Boxes and the Body Gloves I have looked at don't cover the entire phone. I also don't want a hard case cover. One with a zipper would be great too.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    11-04-09 12:24 PM