1. aesaintclair's Avatar
    I have a silicone skin for my Pearl-but obviously, this does not protect the screen- so I finally decided to pick up a screen protector.
    I bought the ZAGG - screen only, and want to install it today. Say what it looked like on some other kind of phone at the store- and it LOOKED good, but I've read how it can be difficult to apply- and it takes practice. However, the posts I have read sound like they are installing the whole body protector- so I'd like to know if anyone has applied the ZAGG SCREEN PROTECTOR only- for the Pearl 8100....and if so, do you like it, was it hard, would you reccomend?

    I just don't want to open the box only to find this is a nightmare- as it was 20.00. The woman told me to just sell the other protectors for the screens in EBay individually. Nice thought, but it only comes with 1 installation "kit"...
    03-15-09 10:04 AM