1. chanel1979's Avatar
    Does anybody know if there is a program to edit music to make ringtones for your blackberry???
    03-24-10 11:48 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    Audacity is the one I've heard about most.

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    03-24-10 11:52 PM
  3. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    Basically any music editing programs. Just use audio editing software and take 30 second clips out of full songs.

    If you want something easy: Make Your Own Ringtones - Free Ringtone Maker

    Even in itunes you can converrt songs to ringtones..its under options/settings. iTunes works pretty good..you can take any 30 second clip you want and its free as long as you buy the song from itunes.

    I use Audacity for editing mixed CDs. Its more work but has more features..if you want something simple and free use itunes.
    03-24-10 11:56 PM
  4. Arysa's Avatar
    Another option, like the previous poster mentioned, there's plenty of websites that can assist you in making ringtones. I personally enjoy Myxer. Easy editing and multiple options to send it to your phone (through MMS, download to computer for transfer over USB, etc).
    03-25-10 02:38 AM
  5. jlb21's Avatar
    A free program recommended to me on this forum is Goldwave. After trial it may nag you, but it does not force you to upgrade.

    A little complex at first, but I figured out the basics pretty quickly.
    03-25-10 08:15 AM
  6. mark-d's Avatar
    I do mine in Adobe Audition. This means I can cut the specific bit I want then process the audio to normalise and compress it before putting it on my phone.

    In truth it's not worth buying just to create ring tones but for the job I do I have a copy anyway. There are other free solutions out there and if you download a free mp3/wav converter you can even do it using the default windows sound recorder program.

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    03-25-10 10:14 AM
  7. jabbs1's Avatar
    iTunes. Free, easy, and quick.

    If you want to know how I'm sure I could look up the instructions again.
    03-25-10 10:28 AM
  8. chanel1979's Avatar
    Thanks guys. I'll try every option and see which one works best. Wish me luck
    03-28-10 12:04 AM
  9. terakristen's Avatar
    I absolutely love Myxer for free and easy ringtone making (I don't work there - I just love it). You can take any song and pick the part of the song that you want as your ringtone and then it's soo easy to get it on your phone (email, SMS).

    I always have the latest songs as my ringtones now
    06-22-10 05:21 PM