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    If I use a custom desktop picture stored on my SD card, when I hook up my 9550 to my computer, this picture file is no longer accessible because the SD card isn't read when hooked up to a computer.

    I have BerryWeather that I like to use the Home screen Wallpaper feature. I would like to put the wallpaper that I use with my theme onto the 9550 itself not onto the SD card, then specify the wallpaper to use in Berry Weather as the one on the device itself. Shouldn't this then allow the wallpaper to continue to work and show up when the Blackberry is connected to the computer? If so, where on the device do I store this picture?

    Whenever I hook up my BB to my computer, I get two Popup screens, one for the SD card and one for, I assume the device itself. I have tried dragging and dropping the wallpaper I want to use directly onto the device and specifying it that way, but this is still removing the wallpaper when I hook the BB up to the computer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    01-19-10 01:39 PM
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    The berryweather picture is also stored on your SD card. It may be picked from a picture that isn't on your SD card, but it then creates one with the current weather con stamped on it and stores it on the SD.

    As for keeping the picture up while plugged in, you can disable mass storage mode. Or, just deal with it as I have learned to do. At first it was annoying but I seem to not really care anymore.

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    01-19-10 01:55 PM