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    Just wanted to know if there is a pouch or sleeve or something made for the Tour that has a combined wallet and/or money clip attached to it. I've looked around in the CB store and coudnt find one. I've seen one made for the Ipohone or touch but not a BB.
    Please help


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    I found this item on Ebay which may work for you. I actually purchased this and it's a good product but have since switch because I found it to be too bulky. It was what I was looking for but I was hoping it would have been thinnner. The zipper pouch is wide, wide enough you can put your keys in the pouch as well. Little to much for me but you might like it. Here is the Ebay link. I attached some photos as well.

    BLACKBERRY TOUR 9630 STORM WALLET ZIPPER CASE+CHARGER - eBay (item 300345806894 end time Sep-10-09 13:31:06 PDT)

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    09-09-09 01:53 PM
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    haha that kindal looks like a fanny pack, lol
    09-09-09 02:53 PM
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    Your right that is kind of what I'm looking for but yes looks really bulky. Maybe without the zipper part could have worked. I think a sleeve would work better as well. Thnxs


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    09-09-09 03:58 PM
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    I'd also like to find a slimmer case that has some CC slots, haven't seen anything yet though.
    09-10-09 02:02 AM
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    Check if the physical sizes of 8900 and tour are similar. I use one and it accommodates around 10 visiting cards and a few currency notes.
    I don't keep CC's since the magnet strip may get damaged.
    09-10-09 04:31 AM
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    Probebly wouldn't work for the tour. It seems that the 9630 falls under the old 8800 family. This case is deffenetly what I'm looking for, however the demagnitaion of CC would be a huge problem. I'm surprised they don't make a case to solve this problem. A thin piece of lead in there or something? What about other berry accessory sites? Heard of any good ones?


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    09-10-09 03:52 PM
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    check this out
    go to you tube and search
    Leather Case for BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Dual Design, Open Face)
    09-10-09 05:39 PM
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    Looks interesting. Not the biggest fan of the leather casing, but seems to fit the bill. Would this case has some kind of protection behind the CC slot for demagnetization?
    This is a little off topic, but I used to carry a credit card in my old LG vx8000 (flip phone) and never had a problem with it being unreadable/unusable. I understand a BB is diff than a dumb phone, but what causes this demagnetization?
    09-11-09 01:02 AM
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    09-11-09 09:08 PM
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    check this out
    go to you tube and search
    Leather Case for BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Dual Design, Open Face)
    Looks alright. Damn I wish I could find a sleve not an actual case. Thanks for all your help guys.

    do we know if the tour will fit in a curve case?
    09-15-09 07:02 PM