1. msdizzydolores's Avatar
    I have a problem. I have some YouTube videos I've downloaded to my hard drive and would like to add them to my Berry. I've added videos before using the YouTube Downloader and then converting the video with "Any Video Converter."

    I've noticed however that the video and the audio are not in sync and I really hate this. Currently, these are my settings on Any Video Converter:

    Video Codec - MPEG4
    Frame Size - 320x240
    Video Bitrate - 1200 (I just changed this tonight to a higher setting)
    Video Framerate - 30
    Audio Codec - aac
    Audio Bitrate - 320 (I just changed this tonight to a higher setting)
    Sample Rate - 48000
    Audio Channel - 2
    Disable Audio - No
    A/V Sync - Default

    I thought that upping some of the setting would make it better but I guess I was wrong.

    Can someone suggest what settings I should use to make the video and audio be in sync as much as possible? And I would also like the frame size to be larger but have the video remain as sharp as possible.

    If you think I should use a different and FREE program, suggest it. I've used this before and I noticed a small difference in sync but not where it bothered me too much...until tonight when I tweaked the settings.

    Thank you for any help...I just want these videos on my Berry and I don't want to watch them when the video is off by at least 5 secs or more.
    01-08-10 04:24 PM
  2. Taxi2base's Avatar
    Try= Realplayer SP.
    01-08-10 05:06 PM
  3. msdizzydolores's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply
    I'm going to try a few things including your suggestion.
    I just hate programs that don't sync the audio and video well.
    01-08-10 05:49 PM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Try= Realplayer SP.
    +1. RealPlayer SP works great for me.

    01-08-10 07:13 PM
  5. Pure1rish's Avatar
    Do you need the Full Version of Real Player SP to convert entire DVD's????

    I have handbrake which is still giving me audio sync problems and Nero Recode which takes way too Long....

    Looking for something else to resolve my audio sync issues...

    Thanks in advance guys...

    Very curious about Real Player SP
    01-09-10 11:03 AM