1. sooty50's Avatar
    Hi, anyone using Vaja case for their Torch? I know they're expensive but I'm a great fan, had one on my last 2 phones, just wondered if anyone had any experience of this one - looks to be well up to their usual standard of design: Vaja - Leather Products

    Also, very important, anyone got a current discount code for Vaja cases?
    10-31-10 02:50 PM
  2. Janye's Avatar
    The only thing I am noticing by playing around with the build you own is that it says it is open on the side for LED notification. The phone looks like storm which is on the side. The Torch has it more towards the middle then it use to be. I might cover it up. I would want to see a sim pic of a torch in it, not a storm.
    10-31-10 06:23 PM
  3. sooty50's Avatar
    I see what you mean and I'll check before ordering. However I have every confidence in Vaja, I'm sure this will be Torch specific - my Storm case was a very snug fit and I can't get the Torch into it (unfortunately!). Good spot though
    11-01-10 01:39 PM
  4. bltkmt's Avatar
    I just received my Vaja Retro Slim Bag for the Torch...very nice. It is initially very tough to get the phone in/out of the case, but I imagine the leather will loosen up over time. The LED is visible with the case on, just barely.
    04-21-11 10:50 AM