1. wire28's Avatar
    I have searched these forums for a little while but have been unable to find an answer.

    I regularly used Phonezoo.com on my old phone. I would log in the browser and download it. I recently got a curve 8350 with Sprint and have saved the files as .gcd , .mp3 , .mp4 , and .m4a. Each time I have tried to play it the result has been an error?

    Are there any ways to fix this? Any help would be appreciated.
    02-12-10 12:42 AM
  2. usernam9102's Avatar
    Try downloading the a mp3 file and transfer it to your phone using your usb cable. If you have the blackberry desktop manager installed on your pc you can use roxio to move the music to your phone.
    02-12-10 07:42 AM
  3. wire28's Avatar
    Thanks alot, this seems to have worked.
    02-12-10 12:40 PM