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    Ok..will replacing the trackball really make it brighter..or does that have nothing to do with it since the way I see it..it's not the trackball itself..but the lighting behind it that makes it brighter...so will it help with this or not? I've read about "cleaning" it but I'm nervous to do that and also don't think it's dirty..just dim compared to my sister's. Also..does it matter what charger for the car I get? I see some on Ebay and they are like six bucks..vs. a universal one at Walmart/Target that was like 20...And what's the charging pod for? Different from just plugging it in? And this may be silly but what is a "holster"? When you set ring tones/levels/profiles it gives you the option for "in holster" and out of holster" I have a black side case that I keep it in..is that the holster? How does it know when it's in or out...sorry new with this stuff...
    03-01-09 03:14 PM
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    Your trackball might just be dirtier than hers? Cleaning them has little if no effect at all - replacing is the best option IMO (ebay 4.84 with no shipping)

    The profile settings are used if the holster has a magnet inside. Your holster might not (this is how it knows if its in the holster).... The desktop charger is quite handy. I have the chrome one and paid 9 bucks. It allows you to just charge from the back contacts on the phone (less wear and tear on the port) and it looks sexxxxy Picked up cheap @ amazon.com or ebay. The chargers you see in stores are overpriced tis all. You can get OEM BB chargers on ebay and amazon for just a few bucks.
    03-01-09 03:27 PM
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    Thanks your like my new best friend..haha you always have rapid answers and helpful ones! For the new trackball do I have to change the casing..like take more off than just the outer ring and the ball attached to the other part? I don't want to take the whole ball apart since that's what makes me nervous...I'd rather just put a new square piece with the ball in place in the phone and then put the ring on...only if this will help me with the light being brighter...Hers is new...I got mine used..but it was supposed to have only been about 4 months old..and was in MINT condition everywhere else..and yea the thing has a magnet..so I'll know I have to change settings for holster thanks!
    03-01-09 03:45 PM
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    You do not have to take the ball apart. It will come set up with a ring from most places. Cnn.cn *slow shipping* or ebay etc. Just drop it in and pop in the ring, the pictures in this post will help you but basically just reverse the steps how you removed it... It will look like the square piece, just drop it in right and your off.... Just so you know my trackball started getting a hazy gray after a few weeks of use and I am a nut about clean hands - a new TB will be brighter....

    How To: Remove And Clean A BlackBerry Trackball Without Destroying/Dismantling Your BlackBerry | NationLink Wireless

    You are welcome....Have a nice one.
    03-01-09 03:47 PM