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    I put a stick-on protective skin on my Tour 9630. I did a great job and put it on to keep out all the bad scratches to the device. Needless to say, its worthless to do this when this piece of... became fried after moderate use of GPS, all Google apps, and twittering/facebook. I got the 552 OS crash every 2 days. And after having the phone for less than two months, phone calls would drop after a minute, and I repeatedly got messages during phone calls that "all circuits are busy"

    I've got another VZW Tour coming to me by Fedex and I have to return the one I have right now in the same box. Can anyone let me know if I can keep that skin on it so that I don't have to peel it off now?

    I'm definately selling the new VZW Tour 9630 I get and I already upped to the 8530.

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    12-01-09 01:40 AM