1. vdominick's Avatar
    I live in an apartment complex with a gated entrance. Visitors dial a code from the callbox which rings my phone and I am supposed to answer the call and press the number 9 to open the gate. This worked fine on my home phone and my Motorola Razr. Since I have switched to the Blackberry, this no longer works.

    I have tried pressing the 9 key as well as pressing ALT & 9 at the same time (the letter C just shows on the screen).

    When I called the Rental office they said the callbox does not work with the Blackberry. Surely there is a genius Blackberry user out there who can help me.
    01-12-11 08:38 PM
  2. repilce's Avatar
    If all else.. (mind you this might be tedious) take a digital recorder.. and somwhere on a Touch Tone Phone. Be it payphone or w/e .. record the sound of the 9 being pressed.. for playback up against the blackberry mic :shrug:

    .. edit.. reason for this is the "boxes" usually pickup the signal via sound frequency.
    01-12-11 09:05 PM