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    I just ordered my Torch 9800 over the phone and am probably going to go caseless b/c the phone is already heavy and I don't want too much more bulk. Anyway, I will probably get a screen protector and was leaning towards the privacy screen - is the one that AT&T offers for $15 good? They also have an anti-glare/anti-fingerprint but not sure if they are cut to fit well with the torch or if they interfere with the touch screen?

    Any really skinny cases or a better place to get a screen protector? Also, I get % off accessories through Premier/Employer discount - does that work in AT&T stores as well or just online? Not sure if I should call in and add the screen protector to my order or just wait to buy in a store or elsewhere (ooh they look like they are temporarily out of stock online)
    08-13-10 04:27 PM