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    I bent the prong on my charger and it snapped when i tried to realign it. It's one of those chargers that has the insertable clip for american and euro outlet.

    I can buy a new charger for ~15-20 bucks just browsing, but if i could find just an american insert it would be < 5.

    Also right now I'm using an ipod wall charger with my USB cable for the phone but it doesnt seem to hold a charge as well, could it be bad for my phone?
    12-12-10 01:04 AM
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    No, really, BlackBerry is an equal opportunity charger up to a certain amount of current, with the max being either 1300or 1600ma, and minimum being USB charging, which is approximately 100-200 ma. (auto chargers are generally 250 ma.

    I've seen plenty of BlackBerry microUSB chargers on Amazon.com for around $3-5 shipped. Don't recall seeing any inserts for the dual charger, but could have missed that.

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    12-12-10 01:50 AM