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    You guys might think I'm crazy but this worked for me. I was having the same issue as many of you with the Otterbox screen protector sticking to the screen of my Storm. I've seen people lightly dusting the Otterbox screen with baby powder etc. to get it to not stick. I first cleaned both the Storm screen and Otterbox screen protector with Glass Plus cleaner. Put the Otter box back on the phone and it still stuck to the screen. I took it back apart and put the small micro-fiber cloth that comes with the Storm screen protectors you buy at Verizon between the Storm screen and the Otterbox screen protector and rubbed the whole outside of the Otterbox screen leaving the micro-fiber cloth between the two. Finally, I removed the micro-fiber cloth and put the Otterbox back together and no more sticking!!
    06-22-09 07:56 AM