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    Well I was reading moviemogul's thread last night on his Case-mate case and I really liked it. I didn't like though, it didn't come in red. Well with a bit of searching, I found a Verizon repacked case that is exactly the same as the one Case-mate offers. The only thing that differs is the Verizon one did not come with a screen protector or cleaning cloth. It is also not branded with the "Case-Mate" logo.

    Anyways, prior to this case, I had an Epik White/clear resin case.I used this case for a good month before making a switch to no case. While the case is great, it sometimes made the screen act up due to a slight contact with the screen. I believe the reason for this is, I use my charging dock nightly and in order for me to put it in, I had to take the case off. The continuous removal and installation of the case stretched out a bit. When I first got the case, it was great, no problems whatsoever. Now the case has a bit of a yellow tint but that can be avoided by order a color other than white.
    The case itself is very well designed (and priced). It has holes for the camera, flash, headphone jack, charging port, and even the lanyard. The other buttons (volume rocker, convenience keys) are left cover by the case. At first I really like this design but as I used those keys more and more, the case made it more difficult to use because it is a bit of the stiff side.
    Overall, I would recommend this case to those without a dock and who don't mind their case adding a bit of heft (too much for me) to the phone. Of course, this is the price you pay for great protection.

    The Verizon/Case-mate case on the other hand, is a plastic snap on case. I've only had the case for a few hours but I can already tell I like this one much more. It is just like the name describes; "Barely There". It may not be the choice for everyone as it doesn't provide as much protection as a silicone (Epik, OEM, etc) or hard case (otterbox, innocase, etc). Though it is a good balance between heft and overall protection. It covers the back of the phone and the corners so that they won't get damaged. With a screen protector, the majority of the phone is well protected enough for a minor fall.
    With this case on, it doesn't feel like there is much of a case on it. It is a lot like a very thin skin case but made of plastic. The case has opening for all the connections and buttons. The fit is great and this will probably be the case that I use on a daily basis. It protects my phone enough, yet shows it off because it doesn't cover it all up. Of course if won't save it from a 30ft drop, but it'll get the job done for most drops.

    Pricing wise, they were both very reasonable, I paid I think $7 dollars shipped for my Epik case from a user on the boards. I picked up my Case-Mate/Verizon one today for about $13 dollars after tax (and discount of some sort). So, so far, I haven't spent too much on cases.

    Anyways, enough text. Here are pics of each and then a comparison. If you want some specifics, let me know and I'll be happy to take them and post. I'll add a review for a Vaja case when I order one. Probably won't be for a while though since they're pretty pricey. But who knows, maybe this Case-Mate one will be enough and I won't want to buy that baller looking Vaja one haha

    Pics: (excuse the random toys and stuff. I'm at my parent's house still and it's my brother's desk haha)

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    01-03-10 10:43 PM
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    01-03-10 10:43 PM
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    Thanks for the review & Pics .. I ended up with the Verizon epik case ( I guess you can call it that) same sh** no branding.. I wanted more protrection..
    01-04-10 07:22 AM
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    what other colors they offer????
    01-06-10 12:53 PM
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    has anyone seen or recently purchased the red case (verizon's) pictured above?
    08-09-10 05:31 PM