Speck | SeeThru Case for BlackBerry Curve 8900

    anyone recommend this as a good case with good screen protection?
    06-15-09 09:09 AM
  2. zmenchhofer's Avatar
    looks bulky... just get a cling screen protector
    06-15-09 09:12 AM
  3. jwiggins's Avatar
    I've had the Speck case for about 3 weeks now. Doesn't really add that much bulk to the device, and the protection is great. Every time I remove the case my 8900 looks brand new. My only gripe is that the case itself isn't as scratch resistant as I had hoped. That being said, I would much rather the case take the beating than the BB itself. The holster works well also, if that is a concern to you.
    06-15-09 11:20 AM
  4. VIDGMER's Avatar
    I had one for 8320. it has good screen protective. However I loathe the speck holster. I do recommendation this products..
    06-15-09 12:59 PM
  5. thebignewt's Avatar
    Clear cases offer decent protection (I've had them for my iPod). The downside is that they scratch like a badboy, so within a month it looks like your phone has been through a cement mixer. The phone itself is fine, it's just the package that looks bad.
    06-15-09 01:03 PM
  6. BOSTONRANGER's Avatar
    Thanks for the input, just want a case with a screen protection.
    06-15-09 01:47 PM
  7. thebignewt's Avatar
    Cases with clips are always harder to get off. That's a given. If you want to get thephone out a lot get one where it slides out or hinged. Don't get a clip-the-halves-together. The clips break too.
    06-15-09 02:51 PM
  8. VIDGMER's Avatar
    Ahh I forget what the issue speck was.. Yeah, I agree with some posters about clips in pain @$$ hardly take it off,..... but almost all other hardcase hardly take it off, too.. Because My fiancee had hardcase (not speck), and have hardtime take off.

    I have incipio Silicrylic that is somewhat easy take off and on.
    06-15-09 06:35 PM
  9. berryite's Avatar
    Speck | SeeThru Case for BlackBerry Curve 8900

    anyone recommend this as a good case with good screen protection?
    Didn't float my boat. For less money you could get the same or better protection and a lot less bulk just picking up a set of Best Skins Ever protectors.

    I remember a few years back, I had an old AT&T Nokia 8260 that I was in love with. Body Glove came along with a soft plastic case they called the "Prism Case." The combination of the 8260 in that Prism soft clear plastic case was a dream. I loved that phone in that case. And there was a cool holster clip on the back which never got in your way. Ergonomically, it was just perfect. If it weren't for data coming along on cell phones, I'd still be using that 8260 in that Body Glove case.

    I just looked it up on Google. Apparently Body Glove still makes this case for some old Nokia models.

    Amazon.com: Body Glove Prism Case for Nokia 3300 Series Phones - Transparent
    06-15-09 07:27 PM
  10. reznunt's Avatar
    look on ebay. i got mine for 6 bux shipped from china.
    06-15-09 07:29 PM