1. djtopher's Avatar
    I love a little empathy like everyone else, but what I need on this is a possible solution folks. I've searched several threads w/similar question & most of the responses are in the form of "Yeah, Me Too"....but no solutions.

    So here it is in a nutshell.

    Problem: 1.) Speakerphone & ringtone not working. 2.) Can only tell when incoming call comes in when bluetooth or vibrate is activated. 3.) Can converse with caller only on bluetooth or headset.

    Have I Tried This....
    Hard battery pull? Yep
    Hard pull w/earphone plugged in? Oh Yea
    Cuetip in the earphone jack? Yeppers
    Upgrade OS? Sadly Yes
    Tech Support? Twice. They were nice, but got nowhere.
    Switch Headseat off/on at options, switch ringtones, try activating voicedial, etc., etc, etc...

    My guess is the next option is fork out for a new phone or new speaker (suggestions for buying speaker would be nice too). My warrenty has sadly passed away. Can't wait for miracle answers, so I'll now press "submit" & unleash the hounds!
    11-06-10 08:53 PM
  2. USMC3531Wife's Avatar
    That happened to my original Storm I had about a year after I got it. I had insurance on it so I just took it to Verizon and they gave me another one. The External Speaker has gone out on it most likely. Hope that helps!
    11-07-10 03:10 PM