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    2x SOFT TPU GEL CASE COVER VERIZON BLACKBERRY BOLD 9650 Purple Blue - eBay (item 280558350817 end time Mar-04-11 11:40:16 PST)

    I want to get these for my phone, a blue & purple one, but I saw that it covers the lock button & other buttons... does anyone else use these cases? And can you still use the buttons ok?! I did see that it says you can get to the buttons ok but I wanted to know if its hard to push the lock button & volume buttons. Those are the only ones I use basically!!! Thanks for the input!!
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    02-22-11 01:40 PM
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    so does anybody have any input??
    02-23-11 09:21 AM
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    I have used this type of case in the past, I haven't had any issues with the volume or lock buttons. The only issue I ever had is that sometimes the area that covers the camera button is not hollowed out enough to clear the camera button and may cause it to be pressed in slightly. It created some strange problems with typing numbers or symbols because of creating an unexpected interaction with the alt key. Not every case like this has been a problem, but I have had a couple that were.
    02-26-11 10:15 PM
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    I have an orange and gray and they work ok. You need to remove the case to charge them as the USB will fall out sometimes when charging. I have gone back to my otterbox commuter. If anyone wants one, send me a PM.
    03-06-11 12:23 PM