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    And now it seems like the buttons aren't working right. Before, I could just tap a button and the screen would come on...now it's like I have to mash the keys to get the screen to come on. Is that normal?

    The case is sweet! I wish you could use the desktop charger but the case is worth it to me cause I beat my phones up.
    07-31-09 03:56 PM
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    yeah, i think it's the case. I just took it off and now the buttons are responding quick. is that normal with these otterbox cases? i really like the case.
    07-31-09 04:52 PM
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    Email I got from OtterBox today

    We heard of this issue and it seems to be that one of the silicone tabs is holding down the camera button, which makes the keys freeze up. I think that all we are doing is shaving down that silicone tab on the inside so that it doesn’t hold that button down anymore.

    Thank you,

    Natasha Meggenberg

    Customer Service

    P: 888-695-8820

    F: 970-493-1755

    07-31-09 05:54 PM
  4. meyer's Avatar
    Wow, thanks man.
    07-31-09 06:11 PM