1. stick_slinger's Avatar
    Hiya Guys
    I like design of the skins, but they don't protect the front of the phone when carrying in a pocket or bag, yet they do help with the grip of the phone when using it.

    My question is, if the phone is in a skin, wil it fit into a leather case/horizontal leather pouch/holster????

    Cheers Guys
    12-09-09 03:38 AM
  2. convex20899's Avatar

    Short answer, No. I use the Otter box. It is the best of both worlds. Has the Rubber skin with a holster. Good durable case.
    12-11-09 06:28 AM
  3. ghbishop's Avatar
    One of the advantages of the leather hyberpad is that it comes with a velour bag to hold the pad in front of your screen.

    The pad will place the phone in sleep mode conserving your battery. It works with the pad against the face or with the pad behind the phone to activate the Hall Effect sensor designed into your phone.

    The product was designed primarily for skinned BB users who wanted to take advantage of "in holster" profile options.

    If you have ever forgot to reset your sound profile after a meeting, this product is for you.

    It has been tested and works fine with the Otterbox.

    Just google hyberpad to find the youtube video and the store on amazon.
    12-11-09 08:53 AM