1. raverx3m's Avatar
    i had a silicon eskin from "best skinz ever"
    and did it myself.
    although i liked how i had more grip on the phone itsself the scren cover was very grainy(or orange peel).

    then i saw my coworker's screen protector and it was pretty much not notticeable at all untill you look very close at the edges.

    is there a difference in material or something?

    if yes can i get a silicone skin without orange peel?
    05-10-09 10:55 PM
  2. grmry2088's Avatar
    i've been wondering the same thing.
    05-24-09 10:58 PM
  3. lazerus's Avatar
    I've used bse on tons of bb without orange peel blobbs.

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    05-25-09 04:46 AM
  4. raverx3m's Avatar
    ok maybe you have not comared it to other screen protectors. the screen protector that came with the phone also had no orange peel
    i looked at some images here and notticed some had the orange peel also using silicone skin.
    05-26-09 01:02 AM
  5. mam's Avatar
    how long did you have it on the phone? I have noticed that even thought it dries in an hour or so, it takes about a week for the whole thing to tighten up and look its best.
    05-26-09 09:34 AM