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    I know this should go in the marketplace, but I don't have enough posts to post there.

    I'm looking for $325 and I'll include free shipping via USPS.

    I've got an unlocked mint Verizon 9550 to sale. All the original box paperwork and software. A Vaja Case. A Verizon Case, a desktop cradle and all these software titles

    Air Traffic Control
    BerryPopup - E-Mail and SMS Notifications with Preview OS 5.0
    BerryScroll 1.1 - Flick Scrolling for the Storm
    BerrySilent - Ultimate Ringer Switch for All Devices OS 5.0 and up
    BerrySlider (Slide to Unlock) Blackberry Storm 2 9520, 9550, 9800
    BerryWeather - Weather in Style OS 5.0
    BlackBerry Filters & Mail Rule Manager
    Bubble Popper Deluxe For Storm
    BugMe! - Notes and Alarms For OS 4.7 and above
    Druglord Wars 2 | The Best Game of 2009 Made Even Better! for Touchscreen (Storm, Storm2)
    Fierce Towers for BlackBerry Storm
    Freddy Falling Storm
    HedoneDesign FAON 9500 series (5.0 OS)
    HedoneDesign GreenTech 9500 series (5.0)
    Hero BlackBerry Theme for Storm
    Iconify [15-Link-Version] - Create Web- Dial- Mail- & File Links directly on your HomeScreen
    LaunchPad for Touchscreen BlackBerry
    Leave It On
    Marble Trap For BlackBerry Storm
    MeterBerry - The Ultimate System Management Utility
    Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry (Storm 2 / 9550 Series)
    Nintaii (BlackBerry Storm Edition)
    PBA Bowling 2
    QuickLaunch - The Swiss Army Knife of Blackberry Apps! - VOTED BEST PRODUCTIVITY APP OF 2009! - For Storm / Storm2
    RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry
    Revball for touchscreen
    Road Mania for Storm
    SearchIt For Touch Devices
    Sid Meier's Pirates! for the BlackBerry Storm (Touchscreen)
    SkyClimber (OS 4.7+)
    SmartBCalendar for OS 4.7 - 5.0
    SmrtSudoku - Best Sudoku on BlackBerry Touch Screen (OS 4.7, OS 5.0)
    Speed (OS 4.7+)
    StackUp (OS 4.7+)
    Storm Lander
    Tank Recon 3D
    TaskManager - Leetcom Blackberry 4.6 and up
    Tether for BlackBerry
    Ultimate Lock
    WordSearch for Touchscreen BlackBerry
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    Pls state phone age, rate cosmetic condition, sdcard gb and any repair or replace set.

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    07-24-10 08:34 PM
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    I recieved this as a warrenty replacement for about a month ago and I used it for about a week. I upgraded to a new phone and put this one back in the box. The battery is brand new and the original 16 the ad card is include. The phone is in perfect condition
    07-24-10 09:02 PM
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    Might want to try the Marketplace section of the forums. Looks like they move a lot of stuff there, lots of great ads.

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    I would have posted in the marketplace, but you have to have at least 100 posts to post there. You guys taught me alot when I got the phone, and I thought I'd offer it here first.
    07-25-10 07:16 AM