1. danondorf's Avatar
    I recently returned my Torch (decided to stick with my 9700). I picked up this case too; it was never used or taken out of it's box:

    Case-Mate Purple Barely There Shell - BlackBerry Torch - Cell Phone Accessories - Wireless from AT&T

    It's the all black one, *not* purple like the link lists. Very nice case, very small and slim fitting.

    Can't find the receipt to return it, so it's up for grabs on here before I go the eBay route.

    Paid $35, selling for $25 shipped.

    PM me or email me @ viciouscabaretcyz@yahoo.com if interested (easier to get ahold of me via email).

    08-17-10 12:48 AM
  2. danondorf's Avatar
    Case is still available.

    If anyone wants it; I'll throw in a brand-new AT&T BB Torch screen protector too with the microfiber cloth, all in it's original case.
    08-17-10 11:18 PM
  3. danondorf's Avatar
    This is same one I'll throw in with the case:

    Anti-Glare/Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector 2-Pack - Cell Phone Accessories - Wireless from AT&T

    But only one, not two like the link states. I used the other one and then removed it when I returned my Torch.
    08-17-10 11:20 PM
  4. anon(835884)'s Avatar
    Why didn't you just return it with the phone??
    08-19-10 05:16 PM