1. ebedoun's Avatar
    This didn't happen on the stock att OS, but is happening on both out bolds after updating to east asia .266


    say bbm is the last app used on the home screen then I holster the device. when I pull the device out, bbm is highlighted but when i click, the select icon snaps back to the first icon (messages). If i wait several seconds, it snaps to the first icon on it's own as well.

    It is mildly annoying. does anybody know if it happens on .247?

    I know this is a strange issue, but it happens on both my bold and my wife's bold.
    05-15-09 12:24 PM
  2. ebedoun's Avatar
    well, after being on .247, i can confirm this happens on .247 for me. does this happen to anyone else?
    06-21-09 09:57 PM