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    Hey everyone,

    So I got the Seidio Spring Clip Holster a few days ago and have been
    using it every day. When I had my Curve 8330 I owned their spring holster
    for that, as well. I have always liked these products.

    The first thing I noticed about the holster is that the plastic which it
    is made out of is covered in a rubberized paint of some sort. It is similar
    to what the Innocase feels like. I like this very much and it should keep
    the clip from scratching the top of the Storm.

    Another nice touch from Seidio was the soft felt lining on the inside of the
    clip. This should definitely keep the screen of the Storm from being
    scratched. It gives me piece of mind when I put the Storm into the holster.

    One of the main differences between the Seidio holsters and other plastic
    holsters is the spring. The spring portion of the holster is at the
    top where the Storm clicks into the holster. Instead of it being a cheap
    piece of plastic, there is another, separate piece of hardened plastic
    covered in the rubber material that operates on a spring. This was a great
    idea by Seidio. Instead of the holster being all one piece and have the clip
    part eventually become loose with time and then eventually break, they have
    made it a separate piece that operates on a spring. This ensures that it
    will be as strong a clip as the day you bought it for a very long time.

    The belt clip on the holster is also covered in the rubberized paint. The
    clip rotates 180 degrees and is very stiff. This is to make sure that it
    will not loosen and start to spin uncontrollably over time. I keep my clip
    so that my Storm sits sideways on my belt. The belt clip functions the same
    way that the top clip does. It is a separate piece that is attached with a
    spring and rod. It is very effective and is very stiff. I cannot see this
    thing ever becoming loose. It fits onto my belt very well and because it has
    a hook design at the bottom of the clip, it wont come off accidentally.

    All-in-all, I highly recommend the Seidio Spring Clip Holster. I have used
    many different types of cases, clips, and holsters and this has got to be
    the best one I have used. They are reliable, sturdy, and do not take away
    from the beauty of the device. The Storm sits with the screen facing in to
    protect it and the entire profile of the two of them together is very slim
    and nice looking.

    Two thumbs up!

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    01-21-09 01:07 AM
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    Good Review. But you forgot the fact that you cannot charge your blackberry while it is in the holster... Who forgot to incorporate that??
    01-21-09 01:19 AM