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    Firstly, I must preface my post by stating that apart form the few issues I'm about to mention, I've been exceedingly happy with the Seidio Innocase I purchased for my BlackBerry in May 2008. The case does a good job of protecting my Pearl without adding any considerable bulk. As one who keeps her Pearl in her pocket, backpack, and purse (in that order), I appreciate the lack of additional thickness. Plus, the "soft-touch" coating is a nice feature. The Pearl is a slick little phone, and when I say "slick," I mean that it would be very likely to slip right through my fingers and crash on the ground if it were not for grip provided by the case's coating.

    About six months ago, I noticed that the case was loose. After examining the case, I noticed that front piece of the case had begun to crack around the headphone jack. I smudged some super glue on the crack to try and prevent the case from cracking further. The super glue was obviously a temporary fix, and a few weeks ago, a piece of the case finally broke off:

    While not aesthetically pleasing, I told myself that regardless of the missing piece, the case was still doing its job. However, the case no longer snapped together snugly. I'm assuming that the this caused additional stress on the opposite side of the case side because it too started to crack:

    Now my case is always loose, and normally looks like this unless I push the pieces together:

    I will admit to dropping the phone, but only two or three times, and never on hard surfaces. (The hardest surface is the commercial grade carpet in my office.) On occasion I remove the case so that I can clean off the lint that accumulates on my phone, but only once every month or so. And as you can tell by the photos, it's been a while since it's been cleaned...

    So, my question is posed to those of you who have also owned a Seidio Innocase: Is this type of wear and tear normal after one year of usage? (Or did I just get a lemon?) Obviously, I need to invest in a new case before this one literally falls apart. I adore the form factor of my Pearl, and I plan on keeping it until RIM releases an updated version of the Pearl and it makes its way to Verizon. While I really like the features provided by the Innocase (the slimness and the texture), I don't want spend money purchasing multiple Innocases over the life of my Pearl. If what I've experienced is a fluke, I'm likely to purchase another Innocase and hope for the best. However, if there are others who have experienced something similar, I'd love to know so that I can start searching for another case to replace my current Innocase. (I'm definitely open to suggestions for a new case with features similar to that of the Innocase.)

    Thanks in advance.

    ETA: After posting this, I was looking at my phone, and what do I find? Another crack!
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