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    I am patiently awaiting for my BB Curve to be delivered to my house in a few hours and have continued my questo to find the perfect case. I know many people with the seidio hard/rubbery plastic case, and in looking for this case, located a what i believe to be a newer case. It is listed on the Crackberry page for $35.00 and i found it on ebay with a holster for $43 + shipping.

    The Seidio Innocase 360 is decsribed as having a protector over the screen which is acutally built into the hard plastic, which I know my friends cases doesnt have.

    Whats the best bet? Whats everyone got ??

    It sounds good to get that case and have the screeen protector built in, then I'm thinkin it might not be as good cause dirt/dust could get in there and scratch the screen anyway.

    Answer quickly.....phone is scheduled within the next 12 hours...
    08-18-09 01:23 AM
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    Reviews I've read online for the 360 case say you can't see the lighted keys through the keyguard so it is very difficult to use it in the dark. And personally I think it takes away a lot from the look of the BB.

    I have a Seidio hybrid case (black rubbery back, clear pastic front) plus an Ultimate Screen guard and I'm really happy with the setup so far (got it a few days ago). The back part is a really nice texture for holding and has some grip so won't slide around too much when you set it down. And the clear front is nice because you can see the colors of the BB. I have the silver and black curve 8330 and wouldn't want it to just be the plain black of the case.

    The screen guard was a bit tricky to get on without getting any dust or link caught between the screen and guard. I had to wipe it a lot with a damp lint-free cloth while looking closely under a bright desk lamp for any dust or lint, then once it was clean I put it on the screen. I also wore rubber gloves, maybe overkill but I work in a lab so I have boxes of them . A single bit of dust or lint will cause a bubble but once you get it clean and on you can't even tell it's there. The case was really easy to put on but is difficult to remove. Once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad though.

    I am however thinking of getting a 360 or other similar case for more protection when I'm doing something a bit more risky for my BB, like going to the beach or skiing or something like that. With my current setup though I don't worry about my BB getting scratched when keeping it in my pocket (don't like the holsters), in the cup holder in my car, or even just throwing it (well, gently placing it, haha) in a small pocket in my backpack.
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    08-19-09 12:15 AM
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    I absolutely love the Innocase 360! I think it adds to the look of the phone. I like the fact that you can get it in colors, instead of the "basic black". I have no problem seeing the letters/numbers in the dark. Instead of black letters against a white background, it's white letters against a black blackground. The case is nice and makes it easy to grip your phone and it also keeps it from sliding. The screen cover doesn't bubble and that's a real plus for me. It's easy to put on and take off once you find the "sweet spot". It's my favorite case by far. The only negative is that lint can collect along the inside edges and you have to pop it off and clean it every 2 or 3 weeks, but you should be cleaning it every once in awhile anyway. It was $35 dollars well spent.
    08-23-09 11:31 PM