1. bahandi's Avatar
    Just got my case AND holster today (I just thought I won the case). I asked for a Torch case to give to my wife over the Case Mate obe she was using. Initial impressions are good. The case feels sllmmer and the face plate is secure. Also, the face plate on the seidio doesn't interfere as much as the case mate one: both with the trackpad and top keys on the keyboard.

    Thanks again, Seidio and Crackberry!

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    01-13-11 10:57 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I feel awesome for you! I got the dock, didn't fit my berry, so I added thick aluminum foil to the sides and it fits wonderfully now with the non-standard extended battery and charges it too! Seidio is just greeeat!

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    01-14-11 01:32 AM