1. Yamaha0219's Avatar
    I was just getting out of the car, had the storm on my lap in the Verizon leather case (the one that covers everything but the top) and the phone fell, and of course landed on the top putting a line of scratches above the speaker and indicator light.

    So now I'm looking at cases, kind of want something that covers a lot of the phone...I'm looking at the Seidio Innocase Surface (the black rubber/plastic one) or the Seidio Innocase Crystal (because I have a custom battery cover). Anybody have any opinions on these cases, or suggestions of something similar? I normally wear jeans so I want something I can easily slide in and out of the pocket.

    02-13-09 11:03 AM
  2. gatewayad's Avatar
    Go to the below link, they give reviews on about 30+ cases, i just ordered the Innocase II because its thin, but the top is open on it, if you drop it alot you may want to go to something like an OtterBox
    02-13-09 11:26 AM