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    My fiance of 3 years moved 14 hours away today and to keep in closer touch I got him a Blackberry 9700 to match mine before he left...

    We have an unlimited plan so I am now looking for wallpapers/smileys/cartoon etc to send to him to help him fill up his empty phone..

    I am looking for sweet LOVE themed wallpapers cartoons (to bbm) etc

    And if anybody has any sexy/steamy ummm not so clean walls/cartoons etc to help us keep the love alive during our few months of long distance living...I would appreciate it greatly!

    You can PIN msg them direct to me 2168F152
    or email me [email protected]
    Or post them here in the thread (if they are PG)

    Thanks all, Have a great day!!!
    05-31-10 10:28 PM
  2. noangelx's Avatar
    Seriously? Nobody has anything?
    06-01-10 10:57 PM
  3. gregs87's Avatar
    06-02-10 09:55 AM