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    I like using the holster that came with my BB Bold, but I never use the clip on the back and in trying to remove it - have made my case a little less nice looking.

    Does anyone know of a case that has the ability to let my BB sleep (magnet) but doesn't have the darn swivel clip on it? Some people have purses, man!

    Tiny issue I know, but it is a drag.
    01-03-11 10:41 AM
  2. mikeplus1's Avatar
    My gf liked this one:


    On sale now at the CrackBerry Store!
    01-03-11 11:04 AM
  3. eninrebmun's Avatar
    I was really missing the pouch from my Curve days, but I also wanted some protection for when the BB was out of pouch. The combination of:

    New OEM BlackBerry Pocket Case Pouch Sleeve Bold 9650 - eBay (item 230564824779 end time Jan-16-11 23:26:42 PST)
    9630 9650 - www.Degasis.net - Authorized Dealer of Epik Case Products for Smartphones - Blackberry Iphone Etc. (a slight trim with an exacto knife for charging [easy], as this case was made for the Tour)

    It's not at all too tight with the inner case, the magnet works perfectly and I can see my notifications at a glance when holstered. The inner case is really just a durable plastic skin that covers the back and edges, slightly covering the front bezels (I bought clear), but it isn't grabby like most skins; it will easily slide in and out of the holster. At the same time, it does feel a little grabby while holding the phone, which is nice to prevent dropping it. I can pocket my BB without the bulk, or just toss it in my bag (yes, some men carry purses too :-p).

    edit: I should also add that the inner case is flexy, and the lock, volume and convenience buttons are covered, but easily pushed... and it's very easy to slip on and off.
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    01-03-11 12:05 PM
  4. LrdAnkh's Avatar
    I use the Otterbox defender most of the time, but when i dress up and want the berry to look nicer i use this and can recommend it highly:

    Sena Cases - Designer Leather Cases : Bold 9650 Leather Cases UltraSlim for BlackBerry
    01-03-11 06:48 PM
  5. pr1nce's Avatar
    I use the Smartphone Experts leather side case. It has the sleep feature and has a clip but it's not a swivel clip.
    01-04-11 02:49 AM
  6. arcadence's Avatar
    This is the pouch I use. The one that comes with the phone is way too bulky. This one reminds me of the pouch I had with my 8330, but seems to hold up way better. I've already had mine for over a year, and it looks brand new.

    I have to admit though, as of lately, I've been contemplating getting a full case. I get tired of sliding the phone in and out of the case, and having to hold both while walking and sometimes even dropping to misplacing the pouch.
    01-04-11 02:00 PM