1. CSSVT's Avatar
    Alright crackies I'm enlisting y'all for some help. Saw a skin on a storm belonging to a guy in my class today that looked SLICK and I'd like to pick one up for myself...problem is I didn't think to ask where he got it. It was divided into thirds with dark gray on either side and white down the middle of the back. Buttons were NOT covered...not sure about the convenience keys. From what I could tell it was a thick rubberized type case similar to the seidio (non hard) cases.

    Anyone know who makes it or where I might be able to find it? Checked a few sites for silicon or rubber cases and saw nothing.

    Checked case-mate as well as the CB store to no avail. did some random google searching and got no further than where I was without trying at all. Hoping one of you crackheads has seen this online or has it or somethin else.

    Thanks again!
    04-24-09 03:12 AM
  2. underdog82's Avatar
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    04-24-09 07:56 AM
  3. opcnc's Avatar
    Look on ebay for "Blackberry Storm 95xx case" you'll get all kinds of cases... :-)
    04-24-09 08:36 AM