1. boydude's Avatar
    i remember Steve Jobs mentioning about iphone4 not requiring the screen protector as they were scratch resistent or something like that.

    my current device is the bold 9000 and i fitted it with a zagg invisishield, i'm hoping to pickup the 9780 as soon as and wanted to know if a screen protector required or will this ruin the viewing experience?
    11-01-10 09:03 PM
  2. A93hunt's Avatar
    The 9780 should have the same screen as my 9700's screen and from my experience, the glossy screen protectors work well. They don't ruin view experiences, if anything they slightly improve the viewing experience in my opinion. The only screen protector that would ruin the viewing experience is a matte screen protector. They make the whites of your screen look rainbow. Though they reduce glare, they make photos look blurry. Also, when you take pictures and view pictures, the matte screen protector really destroys the beauty of the screen.

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    11-01-10 09:34 PM
  3. nerissa22's Avatar
    I am looking for skins for my blackberry.....skins protect our phone from any damage..I am working in a harsh environment...so i am looking for a skins for the protection of my phone....i am looking a skin which provide protection with style.....
    11-03-10 03:03 AM