09-22-10 04:58 AM
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  1. CG68's Avatar
    I've used Zagg on all my previous BB's and now have it installed on my Torch. I've had zero issues.
    09-20-10 06:17 PM
  2. TNCC97's Avatar
    Clarivue. I've used them on my Nokias and just received my order for the Torch today.
    09-20-10 06:36 PM
  3. xandermac's Avatar
    Dammit, I knew it!!!!

    I guess i'll give it a few days and see if it "heals" itself.

    "Hello Alex,

    The material we use now is slightly different than what we previously used. Its still an 8 mil protective plastic film but it has a smoother, glassier surface and is easier to apply.

    The material has self-repairing properties so any scratches should disappear in a week.

    If this continues to be a problem, please let us know and we'll send a complimentary replacement.

    Best regards,
    Sherry T
    Support Team
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    09-21-10 05:51 PM
  4. 3G.BoldBerry's Avatar
    I 3rd crystal clear from boxwave bin using it for years and the anti glare is also good for finger prints, the one from att that protects from prying eyes is ok but it still leaves finger prints, its ok but text are blury as well, i moved back to crystal clear, its so clear you cant tell its on and its a clean cut its like the glass it self and it protects from scratches, i bin using it since my ppc days and i must say its clear alright. thous invisible shields looks good and i hear allot of good things but i don't like the idea of putting any kinda liquid on to my screen for any given reason.
    and so many different parts to kinda glue on aww well. any strand or speck of dust will give a bubble.
    09-21-10 06:26 PM
  5. wxman123's Avatar
    For those boxwave users....is it REALLY reusable? I've been using the splash masque, and the problem is dust bubbles and getting exact placement. In my experience, the first try is your only shot, after that you can remove and wash the protector but it looks like crap. Is the boxwave different in terms of avoiding the dust/placement issues in the first place, and is it really reusable in terms of looking new the second time around? Thanks!
    09-22-10 04:58 AM
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