1. bullet907's Avatar
    OK, not sure what I did, but ringtones won't play. None of them. Here is what I have done/checked on, to no avail:

    1) rebooted phone (removed battery). several times.

    2) checked speaker. I can call voice mail and there's no problem.

    3) increased device memory limit to 15mb.

    4) checked to see if it was on mute. it is not.


    1) when i go to the ringtones via media, whenever i click play, the triangle immediately blinks to an vertical equals sign. the (seconds) meter doesn't budge. it is like this on all ringtones.

    2) when trying to change ringtones, normally, just hovering over a selected ringtone, the ringtone will play. it does not.

    any help would be appreciated. the less techspeak the better, thank you.
    10-27-10 08:51 PM
  2. flmoose1's Avatar
    What version OS are you using? v5? I've starting having problems with the media device on the phone after I recently upgraded.
    Ringtones and alerts will play fine for a big, but then stop. If I got to my alert profiles and try to listen to an alert the phone gives me an error saying "invalid ringtone type". If I try to play and sound files from the media player (pre-loaded or my own), what you descibed happens, but I also get an error message.
    I have found that removing the battery and rebooting the phone temporarily fixes this issue, but it is extremely annoying.
    This issue is why I was scrolling thru the forums today.
    11-02-10 11:18 AM