1. LogMgr's Avatar
    I connected to my BB Desktop Manager today to remove Facebook, a Call Blocker App, and Spanish language (just to free up space). I also THOUGHT I installed a newer phone update (I guess operating system....though it still shows 4.6) Ever since then, my ringtones do not work. I can hear them when I go to select them for various notifications, and if I just want to play them back......but if I get a call/text....nothing. I also did a battery pull. Any other suggestions.....and no, my volume settings are at normal, and not muted.
    12-19-10 06:09 PM
  2. Mister Xiado's Avatar
    I recommend trying to update again, since AT&T okayed 5 a while back. No reason to be running 4.X on an 8900. That will have a twofold benefit of overwriting any bad files, and updating the OS in the same go.
    12-19-10 10:41 PM