1. shibby034's Avatar
    hey all hows it goin, new blackberry owner here (8330)

    i went though the tutorial on how to use the desktop manager to turn songs into ringtones and in one part it says to click the file drop menu and click edit with quick sound editor and i didnt see that aywhere i looked but i couldnt find it, just wondering if someone could help me out maybe i missed a step or something, any help would be awesome thanks
    10-05-09 11:14 PM
  2. bloodyitachi's Avatar
    here ya go mpTrim and WavTrim

    to trim your mp3's (keep them within 30-50 secs)

    AKME FFmpeg | Get AKME FFmpeg at SourceForge.net
    Format Factory - Free media file format converter

    to convert none mp3 files. God speed (those two makes your BB videos aswell.

    Format Factory Thanks to: BigBadWulf
    10-05-09 11:29 PM
  3. IamHeather's Avatar
    I was just looking up old threads on the Quick Sound Editor when I found that not all of the ringtones I purchased through AT&T when I had my Curve will work on my Torch. I figured I'd make my own to replace them and use the Quick Sound Editor only to find that I don't have THAT anymore either. Ha! Anyway, thanks for the link to the mpTrim, it works great!
    09-18-10 11:41 PM
  4. drb0y's Avatar
    Just upload your song to Myxer.com. Then you get to pick however long you want the part of song to be (20-50 seconds) that's going to be your ringtone.

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    09-19-10 08:08 AM