1. pyromander's Avatar
    As a crackberry user most people want to be able to put on their favorite songs, or make those songs into ringtones. I don't know if many of you have figured out how to do this or have any way of doing it. There is software you can get to allow you to edit your favorite songs and cut the snip it you need to make a ring tone. If anyone needs any help let me know. If you want me to make a ring tone for you from your favorite song let me know. If I have the song in my library I can make it easy...if not you will have to send me the song to make it for you.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello from one crackberry user to all the others.
    03-02-07 11:36 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...in addition, from TuneUsIn, you can download many different tone / genre's to your device. They support quite a few BlackBerry, like 8700, 8800, 7100, 7105, etc, etc...
    03-02-07 11:54 AM
  3. CrystaliZed's Avatar
    I used software that I got when I went to school...
    So far I've made around 250 ringtones.
    Of which I'm trying to get up on my new BB site soon
    along with wallpapers and themes.
    I love being able to make my ringtones,
    especially the techno/house ones & other rare tracks
    cause their never available with carriers.
    03-04-07 11:12 PM
  4. jennandstar's Avatar
    I am looking for a ringtone of the "mine, mine, mine" from the seagulls of Finding Nemo. Anyone out there who can assist me with this?
    03-14-07 12:51 PM
  5. bberryone's Avatar
    I hunted and eventually found the theme to Hawaii Five-Oh, but sometimes you ave to really hunt for what you want.
    03-15-07 04:26 PM
  6. jennandstar's Avatar
    I posted this once before but it disapeared
    I am looking for a ringtone from Disney's Finding Nemo where the seaguls all say "Mine,mine,mine". Any chance anyone out there knows where i can locate this?
    03-29-07 12:20 PM
  7. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...post, is here.
    03-29-07 12:32 PM
  8. kasperapd's Avatar
    Merging threads.
    03-29-07 03:15 PM
  9. MMB916's Avatar
    As Navilyn said, www.tuneusin.com is a great site -

    Also, easy to use from your BB and the best thing is that all you have to do is send them a request and they will send back your ringtone. They're very helpful and it's easy.
    03-29-07 08:26 PM