1. nvathlete's Avatar
    I love this song and just had a recent break up so im loving being single
    and this song fits perfect!

    the chorus would work perfect

    please do it asap !

    i lu you!
    06-10-10 03:52 PM
  2. nvathlete's Avatar
    acutally id prefer this part

    im feeling like a star, you cant stop my shine,
    Im lovin cloud nine, my heads in the sky,
    Im solo, Im ridin solo, Im ridin solo, Im ridin solo, solo

    or if you can hook me up with the software and how to make my own ringtone that would work to!
    06-10-10 03:56 PM
  3. labnotes's Avatar
    What's good? Sorry to hear about your recent breakup. Thought I'd take the time to cut you the song. Sorry if it doesn't start off were you like it but I like to keep to my standards. =) Enjoy

    Jason Derulo - Ridin Solo - Ringtone - [email protected]

    Link is below the player.
    06-10-10 08:32 PM