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    Hey bb people,
    i fully understand what is the point of rim here: trying to get people to stay hooked on bbs.

    Having this kind of unique (and revolutionary) concept is a step toward returning to the top of "wowww features" phones

    HOWEVER, beside their business base user, the reason why Rim could sell to youngster and people from emerging market was based on a pricing supperiority. People not interrested in paying for a 50+ a month contract turned to bb since they offer great product at great price. adding a 5$ a month to the bills of people that wanted to get lower monthly fees might not work

    my point is that somewhere in the pricing they should include a 5 songs per month for free and limit the size of friends playlist. this could be the way that rim would totally make that thing viral. Or only a "listen to my friends music" feature. i would mine being leeched at all.

    I am trully amazed by this service. i myself is one of a **** music junky and people usually rely on me to get fresh music. if i could make them to think oh lets get a bb, ill get some of mastajeet song recommandation for free and live. that would totally be amazing.
    08-25-11 09:41 PM