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    I know this has been reviewed before on here, but there are new users everyday, and I thought that another shout out for Seidio and they excellent products may be good.


    Seidio Spring-Clip Holster Review
    Reviewed by Rcnathan

    For the short period of time that I am not using my device, keeping it close to me and easy to access is key. So, when I purchased my first ever Blackberry, the Curve 8330, I began looking for a case to keep my phone in. I have always been choosy about what I keep in my pockets and that typically results in nothing ever left in my pocket. I hate it for some reason, so I quickly ruled out the pocket holsters. I hate the sound of velcro, having to snap a magnetic button in place, and only trusting in a magnetic flap to hold my device in. So, after searching for several weeks I came upon the Seidio Spring Clip Holster for the 8330. It looked promising on the web and after reading several good reviews on it, I decided I would give it a try.

    The holster from Seidio is just about as plain as they come but that does not mean it does not do its job perfectly. The design of the holster is a screen in, snap in, design. Featuring a soft rubber coating around the holster and soft velvet lining for the screen to rest on. As many of the people I talked to who owned this holster, it seemed as if our initial worries were the same. There is barely anything keeping the device snapped in place. Honestly, could it keep up and keep the phone in place during the daily activities? Answer: Yes!

    Upon opening the plain-jane packaging and taking the holster out, immediately the quality construction that Seidio has gone through to make this holster is felt. Everything was made perfectly. I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped it in and boy did it ever snap in. I had no doubt that this holster would be able to house my phone well and keep it in good shape.

    I appreciate the Sleeper Magnet that Seidio has included in their holsters. Allowing the device to immediately go into StandBy Mode when snapped into the holster and coming awake when the device is taken out. This, of course, greatly increases the battery life of the phone. Also, the design allows near perfect signal reception ability as well – with virtually nothing blocking the phones reception.

    Obviously the location that most people put this holster on is their belt. However with the clip you can put the holster almost anywhere. On a backpack for school, computer case for work, gym shorts, and even inside a purse for our lady fans. So, don't let the initial belt clip design deter you from picking this holster up.

    After selling my 8330 to buy a 9630, I immediately looked for another Seidio holster for my Tour as well. Sure enough Seidio has made one. In fact, they make them for just about all Blackberry's and let me tell you, I bought one for my Pearl and now 8530. I happened to stumble upon one for my HTC Hero as well. I have bought one for all of my devices, now going on three years later. I never have had the holster let me down. Never have I had one break or even come close. Which is pretty good news seeing that I use these holsters everyday.

    If your passion for phones is for the iPhone, HTC products, Palm/HP, no need to worry – Seidio has your baby covered as well. In fact, they just released a Spring Clip Holster for the EVO! So the design is still going strong, which should speak for its quality. So, if you are in the market for something to holster your obsession, err should I say Blackberry, head on over to: seidioonline.com and check out their products.
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