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    I have been a user of several cases and holsters over the past few years with several different Blackberry devices. With changing activities and different work environments, I am always looking for something that would adapt for all. I was given the opportunity to test out the Seidio Rugged Innocase 360 case/holster for my Blackberry 9700 Bold.

    I have most recently used a Commuter Case from Otter Box and had to adapt an OEM 9000 holster to have something to carry it with. I laid out the Seidio Rugged Innocase 360 case/holster and took some photos (see below). This case utilizes the Seidio Innocase 360 2 piece snap together case. Which provides a built in screen protector and plastic trackpad/keypad cover. It also adds some great protection from there.

    As you can see in the photos, it has a sturdy rubber silicone skin that goes over the Innocase 360. The rubber case is sturdy, but flexible. To secure the rubber skin and secure the case to the device and Innocase 360 is a hard plastic membrane.

    Once fully installed, my device feels like it could withstand a lot of abuse and still perform its smart and amazing functions. I took a photo or two of the case installed on my 9700 Bold. To top it all off the Seidio Rugged Innocase 360 comes with a holster to hold it all in that has the lock/unlock feature on a lot of Seidio products as well as the over the top clip and a rotating belt clip.

    This Seidio Rugged Innocase 360 looks to offer a lot of protection and also covers your screen, ports and keyboard. Let me know if you have any questions I can answer for you.

    *******More photos to come*******
    05-12-10 11:46 AM
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    Here are some more photos that I took of the Seidio Rugged case and holster. I will be posting my week of testing review later today.
    05-12-10 11:55 AM
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    This is a photo of the Seidio Rugged Case/Holster compared to the OEM 9000 Blackberry holster that is holding an Otterbox Commuter and my Bold 9700. Just about the same size with exception of the holster lock on the Seidio.
    05-12-10 11:57 AM
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    Wow, I have used this case for a few weeks now and the protection has been great! I put the case/holster into several different types of weather and work environments. From office to remodeling to outdoor uses the case and holster has held up very well and offered its great protection.

    The best advantage of having all the keys and trackpad covered is the protection while in the elements. Now I am not saying that you could dunk your Blackberry in a tub of water and not have some damage, but I used it in the rain and around a lot of debris and it protected well.

    The speaker phone is still loud and functioning while in this case and people I called had no trouble hearing me. The LED light is still visible, but not from as many angles.

    The best feature for my daily use has been the holster that this case uses! It is very sturdy and provides a top clip that has held very well. The bonus is the lock feature in case you are in some rough areas that you don't want your phone falling out.

    I left the lock off to test how well the phone stayed in the holster and it never fell out.

    Overall if you need lots of protection and a great holster, this would be a great case for you!

    Let me know if you have questions about the case or holster.
    05-14-10 12:16 PM
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    hi is this case available in the uk do you know ?

    05-18-10 08:44 PM
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    Very nice review, this looks a lot like my Incipio Silicryllic.
    05-18-10 09:23 PM
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    I know that here on crackberry.com you can order this or by visiting the seidio website.

    hi is this case available in the uk do you know ?

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    05-19-10 06:03 AM
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    Thank you. I will have to check out the Incipio silicryllic and see how it compares!

    Very nice review, this looks a lot like my Incipio Silicryllic.
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    05-19-10 06:05 AM
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    I bought this case and used it less than 24 hrs. I find that the key pad cover is so firm tht when I press a key quite frequently multiple keys were engaged. I txt a lot so that's a huge issue 4 me. Did anyone else have this issue or is it just me? Maybe I should try it again and force myself to use it a couple of days.

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    05-24-10 06:19 AM
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    I also just got this case and the only reason i got this case is because the holster seems more secure than the defender case for the bold. I agreed tht the keypad cover is way hard to type. The defender keypad cover is much better than this one because it is molded better. I might have to mod the cover somehow by using the defender keypad cover to replace this one. Wonder if the fitment would be good enough. My typing error increase ten fold typing on this case keypad!!
    05-25-10 05:55 PM
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    I know that after typing on the keypad cover for several days I did get more efficient and had more normal errors. I used the Commuter case but needed the protectionof the keys being covered. I think it is a point that can be further developed to find the right product and allow for easier typing. How is the holster working out? Mine is still working well.

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    06-04-10 02:56 AM
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    i just got the commuter and im waiting for it to be delivered.
    i hope its a good case. how do you rate the difference between the commuter and the seidio?
    06-04-10 02:17 PM
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    The Commuter provides a good medium coverage, however it does leave the screen and keys exposed to any conditions or weather elements. The extra protection has proven great for my use in the field! I still have my Commuter, but I have not switched back to it yet due to the extra protecetion that the Seidio Rugged provides. You should be happy with holster and case when it arrives! I know I was!
    06-07-10 03:19 PM
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    I posted this in the other thread as well. If you have found a better way to work the keyboard cover or make it work with another cover please let me know, as I can't stand this cover!!!

    The case is pretty good, and the holster works well.............the crappy part, besides Seidio's total LACK of customer service, is the keyboard cover. It makes it nearly impossible to type correctly and mistake free. As someone who does a lot of business emails and correspondence on my 9700, this case/screen cover make it nearly impossible. I am trying to devise a way to make a better keyboard cover, or I am just going to cut it off entirely. The same with the camera cover. Horribly bad design flaw as anyone who uses their phone for quick pics, etc will not appreciate having to take the time to pull the cover back, fight with it to fit in the custom pin hole, then take a pic............that is if what you were wanting to shoot was still available.

    I do not wish to come across complaining, but for $40-50, and afer the design flaws Otterbox has experienced, you'd think a company like Seidio would have manufactured an better and more user friendly product.

    I would give it a 7-8 of 10 as is....................i would probably give it a 9.4 if the above mentioned isues had been addressed.
    06-07-10 08:35 PM
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    I agree that the keyboard cover does make it a little more difficult to type on, rather than one that is not covered. The benefit of it being covered is worth it to me. You will have to let me know how it goes cutting the keypad cover off. I have found it easier to hold open the camera flap while I am going to take photos. It is hard to have great protection and easy access to the phone! Sounds like something that is still a work in progress for both companies.
    06-14-10 02:34 PM