1. clipse#CB's Avatar
    So I thought I should get something to protect the beauty that is the Blackberry. I did some research and decided to get the full body skin from BestSkinsEver. Ordering was quick and straight forward. The package showed up in two days later. I followed the directions and everything went very smoothly. There is a bit more of a texture to it now that I kinda like. I would show you in a pic but it would just look like every other TiCurve out there. You really can't tell there is anything on the phone unless you look really close or at just the right angle. In fact my dad was checking my Curve out last night (he got my little brother an Iphone so they were at my house last night) and when he handed it back to me I asked if he noticed the screen protector.....He didn't even realize it was there and then was real impressed when I showed him it covered almost the whole phone.

    This thing is a must buy for anyone with a blackberry.
    03-22-08 09:45 AM