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    I'm sure many of you have seen the video by now. But the sound of "the beast" hitting the concrete does not stop ringing in my head. Can anybody create an alert ringtone from the sound of the beasts underbelly hitting the concrete, extracted from the video links below.

    "US President Barack Obama's visit to Ireland got a little bumpy on Monday, after his armoured limousine got stuck as it tried to leave the US embassy in Dublin. A large crowd had turned out in Ballsbridge to wave farewell to Obama as he made his way from the Irish capital to his ancestral home in County Offaly. But their cheers turned to gasps when the underbelly of the president's black Cadillac - nicknamed "The Beast" - caught the slope of the embassy driveway - hitting it with a loud bang. With the limo unable to move either forward or backward, Obama and his wife Michelle remained in the vehicle while a Secret Service agent directed a grey coach to park in front of it - obscuring the view of the media and the crowd, and prompting a few boos. Obama and his wife then continued their journey in a second armoured limousine, while the rest of the motorcade left the embassy via a different exit."

    05-25-11 12:10 PM
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    Download this software and you can have the sound off of youtube.

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    05-25-11 05:20 PM