1. guamie's Avatar
    i have a bb 8320 from TM. i got it used so the the screen and shell are pretty scratched up. my two questions are:

    where can i get a full case replacement for my phone?

    how difficult would it be to replace it? any DIY tutorial would be a great help.

    thanks in advance.

    06-15-09 04:39 PM
  2. Jim W's Avatar
    You can practically rebuild a Blackberry with parts from here....Cellular Accessories - Nokia, Accessories Store, NEC, Sony, Samsung, SonyEricsson, 3G, Acer, Microsoft,

    And as for how to, do a search on Youtube, there are tons of step by step videos showing how to disassemble them to replace those pieces.
    06-15-09 04:43 PM
  3. guamie's Avatar
    are any of the ebay shops reputable? any experience with them? seen a couple auctions from bestblackberryshop
    06-15-09 04:46 PM
  4. Jim W's Avatar
    are any of the ebay shops reputable? any experience with them? seen a couple auctions from bestblackberryshop
    Nope no experience yet, I would like to mess around with mine but being it's so new, I don't want to void the warranty just yet.
    06-15-09 04:52 PM
  5. guamie's Avatar
    i upgraded from a workable pearl, so i guess this would a be a learning experience.

    i've seen packages on amazon that includes the screwdrivers. maybe ill look into that too
    06-15-09 04:56 PM
  6. joeexpo's Avatar
    It could not be easier to change the housing! I got one from ebay. (white. Looks NICE with the black middle)

    take off the battery door (new housing came with white battery door.)
    Starting from the back slowly pop off the piece that says 3g qualcomm on it. (wraps from back to front)
    Unscrew the screws from the top. T5 and T6. The top of the face will be loose, then take a credit card and slide down the edges. The face will pry up a little then just wiggle a bit to undo the tabs along the edge (2 i think on each side). Pitch it. Then snap new one into place, replace screws, pop new bottom piece on and put on new battery door and youre done!

    One thing is make sure you have extra screws!!! When I undid the left screw in mine the POS BROKE! I had to have only one screw until my new ones arrived. (Pack of 20 for like $5 on ebay!)

    Id post the link to the housing I got but I don't have 10 posts.

    .com/WHITE-BLACKBERRY-CURVE-8300-8310-8320-Housing-Faceplate_W0QQitemZ160330660880QQcmdZViewItemQQptZ PDA_Accessories?hash=item255473bc10&_trksid=p3286. c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1234|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|2 40%3A1307|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

    PUT cgi.ebay in front of that. Sorry to be ********. Don't have 10 posts so I cant post a link (STUPID rule!)
    06-15-09 07:47 PM
  7. david9962000's Avatar
    06-15-09 08:29 PM
  8. JayKoz85's Avatar
    I just got an all black case/keyboard/keypad for about $30 from gsm4world on EBay. I had broken a screw already, so I'm just waiting for screws to come in (tomorrow) and will replace it.

    This guy shipped from Hong Kong , but shipping was free, was very quick and had great response time in e-mails. I really didn't want to pay $50+, so I went the Ebay route.

    I'll check back in tomorrow and let you know how it fits, but everything looks great.
    06-15-09 08:35 PM