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    So I have had my blackberry 8520 for a few weeks. It was used from a friend. He didnt take good care of it and the case was scratched up and nasty. So I ordered from ebay the case meaning the black part of the phone that has like the loud speaker and headphone jack and such and you swap the other parts into it. It came with the white front and back cover so the phone looks brand new over all. I had my brother swap everything over as he has some knowledge of fixing phones. Now the loud speaker in the old "guts" worked but after we put it together I went home and went to make a call. I usually put it on loud speaker while talking, but no sound. I called my brother back and i can hear fine through the earpiece but no speaker. He called me and no ring tone or nything. What I want to know is can I take the old speaker out of the "guts" of the old one and swap em? Any help would be appreciated thank you
    03-13-11 11:39 AM